Pest Control Services

We value your time

Like many, you may lack the time to tackle pest problems, but the safety of your family and home is paramount. We get it. That’s why Freedom Pest Control offers flexible scheduling to suit your needs. We’re available for service even on Saturdays and guarantee same-day service! Simply reach out to us before noon from Monday to Friday, and we can be at your service today!

Guaranteed pest control service

Why opt for a pest control service if it fails to resolve your pest issue? At Freedom Pest Control , we’re committed to ensuring a pest-free, safe environment in your home. Our eco-friendly, pet-safe methods have a proven track record, and they’re even less toxic than table salt. If, on rare occasions, your pest issue persists, we’ll return to treat your home free of charge to ensure your problem is completely addressed.

Ant Control

Getting rid of ants is no easy task. Ants are social insects that live in colonies, which means you must fully eliminate them to avoid

Our differences from competitors

There are no random people in our company. All candidates undergo a training course and internship. Disinfectors are regularly upgraded with special courses.

Our company has a medical approach to work. Sanitary doctors, master disinfectors determine the "diagnosis" and carry out the "treatment"

We regularly develop new pest control techniques. For example, employees hardly ever use aerosol treatments. Masters use gels at non-food facilities and powders at food facilities. This technique improves efficiency and customer personnel do not suffer from the effects of aerosols.

Only young, enterprising workers! Among our masters you will not find women and men over 40 years old, as they are often not suitable for this work.

Full site supervision, tracking pest emergence. Our account manager is a qualified sanitary doctor.

Quickly dispatch specialists in case of pests at no extra cost.

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